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At Best Care Physiotherapy, we provide patients with a welcoming and comfortable environment for treating all types of musculoskeletal, neurological pains, cardiac conditions, and injuries. Our services are currently through home physiotherapy, where we bring the best of care directly to your home. Apart from physiotherapy, we have certified clinical exercise physiologists to help in your journey in improving your fitness. We specialize in the management of non-communicable diseases, such as obesity and diabetes.


We focus on a more holistic approach and treat more than just your pain. A key difference in our treatment is the patient-centered approach, where your thoughts and words count for more. We strive to provide the best of care, ensuring you return to your favourite activities in no time. Read on to find out how we can help you get moving again. Most equipment will be provided to help you get back to doing what you love, so you don't have to worry about purchasing more fitness instruments than you actually need. Our team is currently expanding throughout Malaysia and we welcome any motivated healthcare professional to join us via the link at the bottom of our page.



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Our goals at Best Care Physiotherapy is to restore your mobility, keep you moving and make sure your rehabilitation is effective, efficient, and stress-free. Throughout the years, we came up with new and advanced methods in order to offer you the highest standards of treatment and patient care. Take care of your body—book your next appointment with us today.


We’re here for you when you need us. Call us to enquire on how we can help you or use the form on the right and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible. 

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Welcome to the future of healthcare, Telehealth.

Switching to telehealth may yet be the best decision you've ever made and here's 5 reasons why.

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Remote Monitoring through online platforms keeps you in check as you progress with your treatment. Traditional ways of meeting your healthcare professional has a limitation as they can't observe or monitor you more closely. This way, we ensure your discipline throughout your program. Continuous support via messaging apps can also improve your motivation and consistency, without the fear of relapses.


Fast and more efficient care is one of the more important benefits of telehealth. The waiting time of patients for consultations in hospitals range between 30 minutes till 3 hours. With telehealth, you can get to a doctor within minutes* and seek the appropriate medical care you truly need, from wherever you are. 


If you're a healthcare provider, teaming up with us to provide telehealth to your patients will reduce your overhead cost per patient and the total cost as telehealth saves time and its implementation is much less of a hassle. Think of an online market where buyers could purchase items below market price as the sellers are able to cut down  on the unnecessary display cost. Similarly, visiting us as your online healthcare provider would cost both your patients and you much less for a greater value.


Studies have shown compliance towards medical care, either visiting a consultant for your appointment or having your annual check-up, slows down due to factors of time, transportation, distance, getting a time-off at work or simply the tiresome thought of finding a parking at the health facility. With telehealth you'll find it much easier as your physician, clinical exercise physiologist, physiotherapist and other health services is just one click away, from any location. 


Countries such as the United Kingdom, Canada and United States which has more implementation of telehealth or telemedicine, has noted that the patient satisfaction rate is higher with telehealth as compared to the traditional means of healthcare. At Best Care Physiotherapy, your satisfaction is our priority. We work hard to ensure your satisfaction, while achieving results and leading a healthier life. 



Ms. Nabilah

I found through physiotherapy with BCP, I was able to work more pain-free than before. Previously, i suffered from a lot of pain and it disrupted by work. Finally, i can work and even sleep better now. Thank you!

Mr. Lim

My father had a stroke a few years ago and had been bedridden since, however with BCP, he can finally be able to have better movement and mobility out of bed. Thank you very much! 

Mr. Tan

I was diagnosed with an Anterior Cruciate Ligament tear and couldn't play football for weeks. After beginning rehabilitation with BCP, now I can finally start training again. Feeling great!

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