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       I am Vishanth. I'm a competent and confident physiotherapist, graduated with Diploma in Physiotherapy from KPJ Healthcare University College in 2016 and furthered my studies at the University of Cyberjaya (formerly known as Cyberjaya University College of Medical Sciences). I have experience in over 15 hospitals and clinics during my training years, including Malacca General Hospital, KPJ Tawakkal KL, and The Cerebral Palsy (Spastic) Children's Association of Penang (CPCAP). I was a sports physiotherapist at the international level with NBL ASIA for 2 consecutive years at their prestigious FIBA 3X3 Asia Cup. While undergoing my degree, I also started attending house calls as a physiotherapist under the name of Best Care Home Physiotherapy.  

       My work experience includes working in Brunei upon completing my undergraduate studies in 2019, where I was further trained in musculoskeletal and sports rehabilitation. I had also been trained to be a holistic physiotherapist, working in a multidisciplinary team to improve patient satisfaction along with the quality of the service. The experience of working during the Coronavirus pandemic was invaluable as it gave me my first outlook of telehealth and its capabilities. With proper guidance, I learned that telehealth can be a powerful tool in the future of the global healthcare industry. In the mid of July 2020, I accepted an offer to pursue my master's with the University of Science, Malaysia, in the field of Clinical Exercise Science. As of October 2021, I have successfully completed my master's and looking forward to serving the people as a clinical exercise physiologist.

       In founding Best Care Physiotherapy, my aim was to improvise the online platform to reach out further than I ever had to educate and rehabilitate people. Malaysia is currently ranking No. 1 on the rate of obesity in Asia and we are lacking in exercise physiologists, who are responsible for treating Non-communicable diseases such as metabolic diseases that could lead to obesity. With Best Care Physiotherapist, we have created the first online platform for consultation and treatment involving exercise physiologists, physicians physiotherapists, and many more. I am an avid fan of a multidisciplinary team which is exactly what we have created and will continue to create here at Best Care Physiotherapy.


       Personally, I consider myself highly motivated especially in helping my patients to reach their goals. My principal with my patients is to "start low, go slow", where I will help you achieve a sustainable and long-term result that will empower you physically and mentally. Rehabilitation is fun when your needs are well-taken care of. Aside from being punctual and professional, I take your opinion and feelings into consideration to make the experience more effective and enjoyable. Looking forward to helping you on your road to getting back to doing the thing you love!


Dip. PT (KPJUC), BPT (Hons) (UoC), MSc. CES (USM) 

Physiotherapist and Clinical Exercise Physiologist

Founder of Best Care Physiotherapy